Charlotte Doyle

Charlotte has a lot of changes from when she first gets on the the ship”The Seahawk”.Most of her changes were with her appearance.She gets on the ship to go back to her parents in Providence,Rhode Island from Liverpool, England.When she first gets on the boat she was a 13 year old little lady with carefully combed hair and milk white skin and a clean silky dress and soft hands that had never even washed as much as a teacup.She was respectful and very well brought up.She sees the Captain as a kind gentlemen that couldnt do any harm.She wears her dress everyday and it starts to get a little ratty so one of the crew members gives her nickers and a shirt,she is so disgusted by this but she puts it on anyways, this is the outfit that the ships crew wear. Now she doesnt have to wear that dress everyday.this is the first change made to her appearance.

One day Captain Jaggery orders Zachariah to be wipped 50 lashes,Charlotte tries to protect Zachariah by grabbing the whip,but accidentally slashes the captains face. Jaggery is enraged and whips Zachariah mercilessly,leading to his apparent death.After the captain doesnt protect Charlotte anymore,she feels compelled to replace Zachariahs place as a crew member,as she feels guilt for her part in killing Zachariah and revealing the crews plans.They allow her to join the crew on one condition she successfully climbs up and down the tallest mast on the ship.Charlotte completes this task and becomes one of the crew members.Even though she didnt believe women should work on a ship at the beginning of her journey.

You can tell how much she has changed when puts back on her dress, she feels uncomfortable and weird.When Charlotte gets ready to get off the ship,she is already accused of murder and sentenced to death.She is part of a crew on the “seahawk”,her perfectly combed hair is now ragged and short,her milk white skin is now tan,her hands are calloused and torn from handling ropes and sails,she will be wearing pants and a rough sailor shirt.She gets off the boat and meets up with her parents her attitude is inappropriate and disrespectful.Charlottes parents dont understand her new attitude and beliefs.She ends up sailing away with a new crew on a ship. These are the changes that happened to Charlotte Doyle on the journey to Providence.